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MycoProtease-DB Help / FAQs


1. What is MycoProtease-DB?

MycoProtease-DB is a well organized collection of Proteases from different strains of MTB complex & NTM.  It is a hierarchical, structured based classification of all the protease. Overlay this database contains brief literature information, Summary, Sequences, Protease parameters, Phyllogenetic analysis, Structures, Some Special Features, References and links to other Resources of all entries. Some basic and important information are collected and organized in a well formatted manner by which, one can easily achieve the idea and can make differentiate one from another without any confusion. Different external links are also provided to validate the knowledge.

2. How can I use MycoProtease-DB?

MycoProtease-DB consists of many links such as, Home, Advanced Search, Tools and Analysis, etc. By using various links, we can get detailed information about the use of this database.

3. What can I do with MycoProtease-DB?

MycoProtease-DB is a very useful and user-friendly protease database. Various types of search options are there to get particular information about different entries of protease. The information about each entry is categorized by: Summary, Sequence, Prot-param, Alignment, Tree, Structure and Citation. To provide the true and reliable information, all the data are validated with various online resources.

4. What is the difference between "Search" and "Advanced Search" ?

In the "Search" option, you can search protease information by Protease Name, Catalytic type, Amino acid length, molecular weight and also by NCBI GI, UniProt, KEGG and RefSeq ID.

In the "Advanced Search" option, its output is same as "Search", the only difference is that, in "advanced search", one can search protease information on specific strain / organisms. User also can searh, by giving protease length range and molecular weight range. User can also search proteases those having available 3D structure in advanced search page.


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