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News & Views
  1. How much to eat

  2. E-books are damaging your health: why we should all start reading paper books again

  3. Preventive Measures for cancer

  4. Research about the benefits of medicines made from cow urine in chronic diseases

  5. Simple Tricks to Improve Your Eyesight without Laser Surgery or Glasses

  6. The uses of Cucumber in Ayurveda

  7. 6 Natural Remedies to Prevent Snoring

  8. Why copper was used by our Ancestors

  9. You can heal your kidneys with baking soda!

  10. Your perfumes may pollute environment

  11. Avoid these foods at bedtime

  12. Hot water a natural healer

  13. Food combinations in the intestine

  14. Antibiotics linked to infections

  15. Yajna / Agnihotra purify the atmosphere

  16. Facebook use may harm your mental, physical health: Study

  17. Why you need to swap white rice with brown rice!

  18. Health benefits of donating blood

  19. Experts agree that table salt is your body's biggest enemy

  20. Cry It Out: surprising health benefits of shedding a few tears

  21. FSSAI decides to ban use of newspapers for packing food

Noble Thoughts

  1. Control the Mind

  2. Happiness

  3. Meditation

  4. Learn

  5. Challenge

  6. Idea

  7. Prayer

  8. Highest

  9. Silence

  10. Ourselves
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