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Bioinformatics - Recent Advances

Recent Papers

  1. Genome analysis of Mycobacterium aviumsubspecies hominissuis strain 109
    Scientific Data, December 2018

  2. VarQ: A Tool for the Structural and Functional Analysis of Human Protein Variants
    Front. Genet., December 2018

  3. Extraction of highly degraded DNA from ancient bones, teeth and sediments for high-throughput sequencing
    Nature Protocols, October 2018

  4. Validation of chemical genetics for the study of zipper‐interacting protein kinase signaling
    Proteins, November 2018

  5. Integrated genome sizing (IGS) approach for the parallelization of whole genome analysis
    BMC Bioinformatics, December 2018

  6. Flexible docking-based molecular dynamics simulation of natural product compounds and Ebola virus Nucleocapsid (EBOV NP): a computational approach to discover new drug for combating Ebola
    BMC Bioinformatics, November, 2018

  7. Genome-wide expression profiling of glioblastoma using a large combined cohort
    Scientific Reports, October 2018

  8. Whole genome sequencing puts forward hypotheses on metastasis evolution and therapy in colorectal cancer
    Nature Communications, November 2018

  9. A deep learning approach to automate refinement of somatic variant calling from cancer sequencing data

    Nature Genetics, November 2018

  10. Genome-Scale Analysis of Perturbations in Translation Elongation Based on a Computational Model
    Scientific Reports, November 2018

  11. A statistical method to identify recombination in bacterial genomes based on SNP incompatibility
    BMC Bioinformatics, October 2018

  12. Expression analysis of RNA sequencing data from human neural and glial cell lines depends on technical replication and normalization methods
    BMC Bioinformatics, November 2018


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