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Bioinformatics - Recent Advances

Recent Papers

  1. HebbPlot: an intelligent tool for learning and visualizing chromatin mark signatures
    BMC Bioinformatics, September 2018

  2. Multiple model species selection for transcriptomics analysis of non-model organisms
    BMC Bioinformatics, August 2018

  3. Genome-wide generation and genotyping of informative SNPs to scan molecular signatures for seed yield in chickpea
    Scientific Reports, September 2018

  4. Systematic evaluation of error rates and causes in short samples in next-generation sequencing
    Scientific Reports, July 2018

  5. Targeted next-generation sequencing as a comprehensive test for Mendelian diseases: a cohort diagnostic study
    Scientific Reports, August 2018

  6. Network Rewiring in Cancer: Applications to Melanoma Cell Lines and the Cancer Genome Atlas Patients
    Front. Genet., July 2018

  7. Genome-wide measurement of local nucleosome array regularity and spacing by nanopore sequencing
    Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, August 2018

  8. ALS-causing mutations in profilin-1 alter its conformational dynamics: A computational approach to explain propensity for aggregation
    Scientific Reports, August 2018

  9. Next-generation sequencing identified SPATC1L as a possible candidate gene for both early-onset and age-related hearing loss
    European Journal of Human Genetics, September 2018

  10. ECPred: a tool for the prediction of the enzymatic functions of protein sequences based on the EC nomenclature
    BMC Bioinformatics, September 2018

  11. Grid-based computational methods for the design of constraint-based parsimonious chemical reaction networks to simulate metabolite production: GridProd
    BMC Bioinformatics, September 2018

  12. Genome-wide discovery of DNA polymorphisms by whole genome sequencing differentiates weedy and cultivated rice
    Scientific Report, September 2018


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