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From the Editor's Desk

Oneness of the Universe

Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornaatpoornamudachyat Poornasya Poornamaadasya Poornamevavashishyate.

- Ishopanishad

Whole Universe (living and non-living) has got an integral existence. It is interrelated, interdependent and cohesive in nature. Vedic teachings emphasize the singular, unified nature of universe stating that we all are one. Auras are just energy and non-living things (unmanifested) have them too because they are ultimately the same energy we are. 
Human being has 100 trillion cells. Cell is smallest living unit of living organism. Number of cells combine to form tissues, tissues to organs and combination of organs leads to living organism. There are over 1.5 million species of living organisms in the universe. A living cell is a self assembling, self regulating, self replicating isothermal open system of organic molecules operating on the principle of maximum economy of parts and processes. Early philosophers suggested that living organisms are endowed with mysterious and divine life force or Prana (Vitalism). If living organisms are composed of molecules that are intrinsically inanimate, why does living matter differ so radically from non-living matter, which also consists of intrinsically inanimate molecules. Famous biochemist Lehninger calls it 'Molecular logic of the living state' and it is the objective of biochemistry to determine how the collection of inanimate molecules found in living organisms interact with each other to constitute, maintain and perpetuate

the living state. While the debate is going on living and non-living, quantum world-view teaches us that we are all the same wave energy and therefore interconnected. Inconsonance with the above statement Vivekananda gives a quantum perspective to Vedanta thus:
            "One atom in this universe cannot move without dragging the whole world along with it. Flowchart of 'Oneness' of Living and Non-living shows how the universe is interconnected. As if in a prophetic anticipation of quantum world view of Vedanta, Vivekananda prophesied in a speech on 'Immortality' in New York in 1896 said "All in this universe is in the form of waves, you and I must be part of cosmic consciousness, cosmic life, cosmic mind and cosmic intelligence. This cosmic intelligence is what people call God, what materialists perceive as force, what quantum physists call as wave energy and what our Rishis called as Sat-Chit-Anand – the eternal, infinite, inexpressible bliss". He said that all pervasive consciousness is the infinite inherent principle of God embodies in everyone of us and be aware of our innate divinity always. Vedic Rishis said His wisdom lives within all of us and can be known instantly and intuitively through Practice of Yoga and Meditation. When one knows the reality of oneness of all life, we become more open to giving and receiving love, our sense of right or wrong springs forth from within us; we see clearly that our thoughts, actions and words ultimately impact only ourselves and life will be a smooth sailing.             


March  10, 2017                                                                   Prof. B. C. Harinath


I am thankful for the information gained from Wikipedia & other internet sources and the following articles in particular.

  1. KRSNA – The Tree of the Universe: A Syllogistic Proof by Avadhuta Raua Dasa; Back to Godhead, January 2017.
  2. India – Great and Free Series – XIV, Quantum Vedanta of Vivekananda by Dr. K.M.Rao; Yuva Bharati, January 2017.

Also thankful for the assistance of Ms. Shruti Ambhore & Mr. Pramod Deshmukh.

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