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News & Views
  1. Vegetables, fruits contain poisonous substances

  2. Save yourself from the ill effects of internet

  3. Naturopathy, a way to healthier lifestyle

  4. Indian pepper may fight cancer

  5. Benefits of Moringa leaves

  6. Mushrooming help

  7. Soak rice overnight to reduce risk of heart disease, cancer

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  15. The wonder spice – Khus Khus

  16. India’s first clinical trial to reduce hair loss in cancer patients

  17. Why is drinking cold water bad for you?

  18. Best lifestyle habits for those in a 9 to 9 jobs

  19. Gene mutation that increase breast cancer

  20. Sunscreen may cause vitamin D deficiency, says study

  21. Ghee is not that bad!

Noble Thoughts

  1. Life and death

  2. Ignorance

  3. Universal Consciousness

  4. Master of your emotions

  5. Forgiving

  6. Meditation

  7. Nature’s Remedies

  8. Meditation is an awareness

  9. Atman
Edited by Dr. A. M. Mehendale
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