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Niraj Shende
I appreciate the efforts of Indian scientist taken for development of diagnostic Kit over the last decade and coming out with many useful diagnostic important molecule for TB and TB/HIV. Government funding agencies and Industries should come out with joined hands to help Indian scientist and exhaustive research done by them to give the full justice to these antigens to explore commercialization of the immunodiagnostic test instead of wasting next decade to search for newer molecule. The effort taken for writing the article in SEVAMED, April Issue is highly appreciated and worth addressing.
Niraj Shende, PhD
Scientist, Serum Institute of India Limited, Pune
Feedback Time: Jun 1 2012 12:17PM Rating: 5
SEVAMED:Thanks for your comment.
This website is very informative and good looking. Thanks to the creator.
Feedback Time: Apr 28 2009 5:49AM Rating: 9
SEVAMED:Thanks for your comment.
Leepika Panda
The site is very useful for both researchrs and students. My tribute to the creator and the organisation for this great endeavour and their contribution to the scientific society.
Feedback Time: Apr 2 2009 3:54AM Rating: 9
SEVAMED:Thanks for your comment.
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